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Life is what you are born with. Living is what you do with it.

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Higher Enlightenment is a company that provides spiritual and intelligent insight to others with the goal of helping them to believe in themselves and reach beyond their fears.

Jonathan (J.O.) Oliver

I believe life is what we’re born with, and living is what we do with it.

I believe life is what we’re born with, and living is what we do with it. I have a heart for people, and I feel the greatest gift one can give another, is their authentic self. In the spirit of transparency, I believe anything a person could ever want to achieve in this world is possible: success, a great marriage, happiness…ANYTHING! I truly believe it all starts from within. I believe in you!

Being a life coach has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life – collaborating with people and empowering them as they navigate through their journey. I’m not here to fix you! Coaching is a forward focused, intentional journey to unleash the full transformational impact of your life and work in the world. It’s a life-giving process, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It will take work; it will require you to make courageous and sometimes difficult choices; it will require you to learn how to live consistently in alignment with your deepest self, your most important values, and biggest dreams.

I challenge you! Give yourself permission to thrive and become the very best version of you. I believe in the power of love and the power of forgiveness. There is nothing you can do in this world that is going to cause God to love you any more or less than He does right NOW. What a relief!! Life is all about relationships with the ultimate question: Did I love well, and am I loved? I believe the way I interact and treat the people closest to me is a direct reflection of how I feel and treat myself. This life is BIGGER than me. With a full heart I believe that every experience I’ve ever gone through and that anyone will ever go through; there is always a lesson to be learned – nothing is wasted. Connect with me anytime and let’s talk about your journey, your goals, and how I can best support you.

I Challenge you!

Give yourself permission
to thrive and become
the very best version
of you.

Jonathan Oliver is a dynamic speaker and seminar developer whose mission is to create a world of truth, love, and faith. He currently travels speaking to students of all ages about character development and leadership skills. He has been blessed with the opportunity to speak to over 3 million people. He has completed his first book entitled Impersonations, co-author 3 books My Now My Vision My Plan, My Now for the Entrepreneur, My Now for the Student Leader, and is currently working on his second book where he shares how he lives and learns being dyslexic. His future endeavors include life coaching and being intimately involved in helping others fulfill their dreams.

Jonathan is an experienced speaker who has worked with companies including Toastmasters, Making it Count, Rachel’s Challenge, and Moovin4Ward. He has been named a top presenter for middle school and high school assemblies. He was part of a four time division III collegiate football championship at Hardin Simmons University. He earned a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Biology. He strives to live the message that “Life is what you are born with, living is what you do with it.”

Joy In The Journey:

1st Year Chronicles From A Stay At Home Dad

By: Jonathan Oliver

Come with me as I chronicle my first year experiences as a stay at home dad with my first-born Journey. I cover the struggles and joys of parenting ranging from sleep training, getting back to dating my wife, finding a nanny, traveling, selecting a preschool, and so much more. Be inspired, encouraged, and comforted as you join me on a journey that will be sure to shatter the loneliness of being a stay at home dad.

Your cost for each book will be $12.99 each. You can order any amount you want


By: Jonathan Oliver

Impersonations is for any young men on the journey from boyhood to manhood. This book focuses on what the path of self-discovery looks like for some men and how to acknowledge the stronghold life can have on us. Topics range from spiritually, parents divorcing, dealing with porn addiction, dyslexia, and much more.

Your cost for each book will be $12.99 each. You can order any amount you want





From my interaction with Jonathan Oliver (JO), I see him as someone who will speak life into any situation you are going through by encouraging you and giving you sound advise all the while without judging who you are. He is someone I am proud to call a friend and brother in Christ.

Derrick Ponnambalam

Very seldom in life have I met someone I would consider a Life Changer. I met JO on the speaking circuit five years ago and witnessed the profound positive affect his counsel and example were having on others. I nicknamed him JOLC, and have been calling him that ever since!

Peter DeAnello, Communications Specialist, National Speaker

J.O. is a dynamic person and leader. As a fellow speaker, I've watched every person benefit from his presence and leadership. He has been a favorite on a roster of many talented speakers and featured often in promotional materials due to his captivating presence. On a personal note, he is someone I trust to share my own personal struggles with and after each conversation with him, I am better me - more focused and aligned with my purpose. J.O. is a candle lighter who has enlightened not only myself but my entire family's non-profit organization and team of over 100 individuals.

Craig Scott

Jonathan Oliver has an unparalleled ability to connect with his audience and communicate deep lessons of the soul in a way that is relate-able, relevant, and refreshing, no matter the setting. His stories and lessons are shared with a contagious passion making this 1 in a million coach/speaker a priceless asset and a must have.

Poet Ali

I was lucky to work with JO for over 3 years at Rachel's Challenge, the largest school assembly program in the country. I had been working at RC for a few years before we met and I had seen hundreds of new presenters audition. I told him after his audition that he was the best I had ever seen and I turned out to be right on. JO is a special talent and a special man. He makes everyone feel welcome and his personality allows him to relate to ANYONE. You never have to wonder if JO is being sincere when he is speaking...you feel it. The only thing I can really say is that if JO wants to work with your organization and he gives you a call, pick up the phone. You want him on your team, period.

Andrew Cipolla, Director of Printing,Creative Consultant, Resources Printing and Graphics

JO is an exceptional communicator. His genuine passion for helping others resonates when he speaks. He is a gifted story teller and has a unique way of making his audience feel as if they were part of the story.

Jimmy “JB” Braden

Jonathan has been a great friend and a confidant. He is a good listener, and knows how to make a person feel understood. He is instinctual about knowing when you need lifting up or when you need to be grounded. And his laugh is contagious!

Chris Slicker, RYT200 Yoga and meditation instruction

Jonathan is a great listener. He encouraged me to seek my own answer using strong principals. Inspiring me to grow in my personal life situations.

Roberto DeCosta, Texas

JO is not only a wise brother to me, but one of my dearest friends. He brings invaluable insight to our conversations, guidance and counsel when I'm having trouble finding clarity, and an unwavering honesty to our friendship. He's the kind of person you know you can trust with your mess, because he is transparent with his own struggles and victories. He is both an encourager and a soul surgeon. I'm honored to share life with him.

Daryn Jackson

have known JO for many years, and he has visited our school district on numerous occasions to speak to students, staff members, and the community. No matter the age or make up of the audience, his presentation style makes each audience member feel he is speaking to them personally. I have seen him inspire and make an impact on even the toughest students and jaded staff members. His message has been a genuine blessing to our community.

Shane Holman, Assistant Superintendent, Giddings I.S.D., Giddings, Tx

There are hundreds of cookie cutter coaching and mentoring programs led by individuals of the same vein. J. Oliver and Higher Enlightenment are the antithesis. J. Oliver teaches from real life experiences versus the scripts via a "coach in the box program."J. Oliver asked the right questions that allowed me to find the answers I needed.. His organic coaching style of asking and listening vs "telling", gave me the confidence and assurance to move forward in areas of my life that I never believed I could. Whether personal or business related coaching , J. Oliver and Higher and Enlightenment are the genuine article. I am grateful for J. Oliver's help and continued support.

Patrick W. Kassab, Growth Equity and Risk Management

On various occasions I have invited JO as a guest speaker to our school program in Bermuda. I have personally heard JO speak with students, educators and general audiences. He has be ability not only to seize the attention of diverse people groups, but also to connect, relate, motivate and compel them to positive action. His big heart for people matches his winsome personality and transparent character that leaves audiences with the tools necessary to being about change in their lives.

Gary C. Simons, BSc., MSc. President, Cornerstone Foundation Bermuda

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jonathan personally and professionally and I can attest that he is an intelligent, thoughtful and caring man. He is a dynamic speaker and author and an inspiration to others.
What really stands out about Jonathan is his willingness to deepen his understanding of himself and then share the lessons he has learned with others.

Coach Michael Taylor, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio & TV show host Houston, Texas

There are three words that come to mind when I think of my Rachel's Challenge teammate J.O. and those three words are: Powerful, passionate, and personable. Powerful with an energy that surges like a rushing river. Passionate with a care that thrusts life into your heart. Personable with an unmatched approachability. I am most impressed by J.O.'s ability to connect and engage. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. He is skilled on stage in both presence and delivery. Through his public speaking, I have seen him captivate the hearts of thousands from this generation ages 8 to 18. They say the greatest leaders know how to serve, and serve well he does, the hearts of our nations youth.

Colleen Kirk

My name is Frank Simmons, Jr. and I am the Chief Inspirational Officer of Frankly Speaking Seminars. I spent 8 years as a Speaker, Trainer, and Speaker Manager of Monster.com's Making It Count Programs where we had a speaking force of over 100 speakers that presented to 2.5 million people each year. I am the author and co-author of 5 books and a singer and songwriter with 2 CD's.

I have had the opportunity to witness Jonathan Oliver in action in several different settings. We have been colleagues and friends for years and I count him as one of the best speakers and presenters that I have seen and heard. What he brings to the table is an authenticity, energy, and passion that is not easily matched. He has the authenticity needed to touch the hearts of audience, the energy to excite them, and the passion to inspire and motivate them to action. Jonathan is humorous, heartwarming, and hard-hitting all at the same time. If you are looking for someone that will have an impact on your event, I suggest Jonathan "J.O." Oliver.

Frank Simmons, Jr. Chief Inspirational Officer, Frankly Speaking Seminars, LLC Author of The Man of Destiny

Jonathan brings an energy and passion for his topics that is rarely seen. His ability to not only connect with any audience but to slowly bring them closer as he delivers his points, is amazing. I would recommend Jonathan for any event where you need your audience to leave with some life changing information, then Jonathan is your Speaker.

M. Wiggins, Executive Dir. Employee Activities Association, Washington DC